National Experts Program | BLOG: The NEP Experience

BLOG: The NEP Experience

NEP 3.0 participants learned about the fundamentals and applications of AI from program faculty at MBZUAI, McKinsey, and more.

The AI Journey

19 Jun 2023

NEP 3.0 participants are undertaking three learning journeys designed to accelerate their development as experts and future leaders: an AI Journey, a Values-Inspired Leadership Journey, and a COP28 Journey.

To empower NEP 3.0 participants with the skills to navigate an AI-driven future, the AI Journey explored how emerging AI technologies are likely to disrupt—and propel—their sectors.

“Over the next two to three years, there will be radical changes from the impact of newly launched AI technologies. In the NEP, we are continuously learning about emerging technology trends and specifically taking a deep dive into AI, and how leaders can utilize AI within their organizations.” – Waheeda Alhadhrami

The AI Journey began in Module 1 with two Speaker Series sessions—futurist Amy Webb and G42 Cloud CEO Talal M. Al Kaissi—that invited participants to imagine what AI can make possible for their sectors.

Then, in Module 2, the cohort spent two days at Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Masdar City, where faculty introduced the applications, implications, and innovations of AI.

In Module 3, NEP 2.0 alumnus Khalifa Al Qamgave participants a firsthand view of the advanced robotics and AI solutions that are preparing the UAE for the future at Dubai Future Labs. Deep dives with McKinsey & Company also shed light on the ways businesses are using AI to achieve more 

With these learnings top of mind, the cohort began to develop individual reports on an exciting potential application of AI in their sectors. Throughout the drafting process, each participant received guidance from journey partners NYU Abu Dhabi, MBZUAI, and McKinsey, as well as one-on-one support from AI experts at Data Science Group and NEP legacy partner Mubadala.

In August, seven AI reports will be discussed in an Arabic-language webinar with Harvard Business Review Arabia. Read on to learn more about the advances and possibilities their papers explore:

  • Waheeda Alhadhrami: How Generative AI Can Serve as a Creative’s Collaborator Rather Than Competitor
  • Maitha Al Hameli: The Use of AI to Study Marine Mammals: A Case Study on Dugong Detection
  • Abdulla Alshehhi: Artificial Intelligence in the Space Domain: Is It Revolution or Evolution? And How Does It Help Climate Action?
  • Hamad Al Shehhi: The Impact of AI in the Food & Agriculture Industry
  • Dr. Abdulla Al Shimmari: Can AI Help Us…Keep Up with AI?
  • Dr. Ameena Al-Sumati: How AI Can Empower Microgrids and Reinvent Electricity Markets
  • Mohamed Tarmoom: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Labor Productivity in the United Arab Emirates

To begin your own learning journey, check out Stanford University’s AI Index Report and stay tuned to read extracts from our NEP 3.0 participants’ reports!