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BLOG: The NEP Experience

NEP 3.0 Module 6 Highlights

15 May 2023

From May 1 to 4, Module 6 introduced the Action Mindset, the fifth and final mindset of NEP. Over four days of intensive coursework with Agile Academy, participants learned how to leverage agile project management and individual performance management techniques to deliver transformative results. 

Over the first two days, Sohrab Salimi of Agile Academy led the cohort through a Certified ScrumMaster® training. Participants learned the essential elements of Agile Product Development through the Scrum Framework, enabling them to drive innovation and effectively guide both product teams and organizations towards agile project delivery.

“I can use agile development to solve complex problems, build high-quality products and services, and foster a culture of innovation and growth. To do so, I will develop skills such as active listening, empathy, and adaptability that will help me respond effectively to changing circumstances.” – Fatima Al-Ali

The second half of the module was dedicated to the Certified Agile Leadership® training, also delivered by Prof. Salimi. Focused on cultivating the leadership skills to drive innovation, the two-day training examined the four levels of leadership—self, individual, team, and organization—in the context of real-life examples from top global corporations.

“Agile Leadership is a style of leadership that encourages collaboration between employees and also encourages customer engagement to support a more flexible workplace that adapts in times of uncertainty.” – Mohamed Tarmoom

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Rashed Alhameli, Advisor to the Vice Chairman Office of the Executive Council, continued the focus on cultivating agility with his Speaker Series talk on the changing role of leadership. As a member of the Interim Committee that oversaw the implementation of 33 initiatives to support the UAE’s post-COVID economic plan, Dr. Al Hameli shared his unique insights on how agile operating models helped the UAE face the most significant impacts of the pandemic.

In further coursework during the Module, Serine Srouji and Wael Hassan of LinkedIn gave a crash course in building a personal professional brand, while BIT led a second behavioral insights sprint focused on the Social Development cluster.

Wrapping up Module 6, the COP28 white paper teams each delivered a 15-minute presentation on their approach to their topics, with feedback from BCG. Read more about the white papers participants are drafting and the NEP 3.0 COP28 Journey in this post.

Find highlights from Module 6 on our NEP Instagram and YouTube channels and stick around to see what the final two modules of NEP 3.0 have in store!