National Experts Program | BLOG: The NEP Experience

BLOG: The NEP Experience

NEP 3.0 participants learn about effective leadership and team-building with Jake Meyer of IDG

Module 1 Highlights

18 Nov 2022

The academic program of NEP 3.0 began on November 7 with Module 1, “Orientation and Inner Discovery”, focusing on cultivating the Reflective Mindset. Jake Meyer and Johanne Malin of IDG kicked off the learning journey with two team-building workshops. 

“Be brave—think outside the box! The biggest risk that we take is that we unwittingly create rules that don’t exist, and this stifles creativity, innovation, and performance.” - Jake Meyer

Continuing the theme of self-reflection, Marion Wrenn of NYU Abu Dhabi guided the cohort through a writing workshop devoted to inward and outward reflection.

Concluding Module 1, NEP 2.0 Alumnus Hassan Alnoon, CEO of Multiverse Innovation Consultancy moderated a forward-looking discussion with futurist Amy Webb of the Future Today Institute. The talk delved into emerging trends in technology and how participants can learn to anticipate and adapt to what’s next. 

“What a TERRIFIC group! They asked phenomenal questions, and we had a lively discussion.” - Amy Webb

Check out the highlights video here and stay tuned to see what’s next for the 3.0 cohort!