National Experts Program | BLOG: The NEP Experience

BLOG: The NEP Experience

H.E. Homaid Al Shimmari delivers a talk to the NEP 3.0 cohort

NEP 3.0 Launches!

07 Nov 2022

On October 30, 2022, the third edition of NEP officially launched with a meet-and-greet for the newly selected cohort. H.E. Homaid Al Shimmari, Deputy Group CEO and Chief Corporate and Human Capital Officer of Mubadala Investment Company and the first NEP Group Mentor, spoke to the participants about the importance of not only directing their ambition, but timing it to achieve their goals.

“One reason each of you has been selected for NEP is your ambition for your country. But what is the right time to be ambitious? When do we pace ourselves for the long haul, and when do we sprint towards our targets? NEP will teach you how to deploy your ambition at the right time to create acceleration, transformation, and achievement for the UAE.” - H.E. Homaid Al Shimmari

The morning began with a welcome from NEP Program Director H.E. Ahmed T. Al Shamsi and included icebreaking activities and program orientation with the NEP Team. 

“ The NEP journey is equal parts intellectual and emotional; we will challenge you to employ your expertise and intelligence on multiple levels, to think beyond your existing patterns, and to explore forward-thinking decision-making processes.” - H. E. Ahmed T. Al Shamsi

Finally, the new cohort visited Louvre Abu Dhabi for a museum tour led by NEP 2.0 Alumna Maisa Al Qassimi. A group lunch at Fouquet’s concluded the day, featuring a chat with Mohamed Al Qubaisi, Jalasat and Members Affairs Manager in the National Consultative Council.

Click here to watch highlights from the meet-and-greet!