The 2019 edition of NEP saw the graduation of 21 future national experts across 4 clusters and 21 sectors in a unique format designed to foster a powerful foundation of specialists to shape the future.

Led with classroom-based learning, participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expertise with 6 off-site visits and government accelerator programs, along with mentoring by UAE sector leaders.


Social Development
Public Services Administration
Government Policies & Regulations
Community & Social Services
Health & Well-being
Education & Social Development
Economic Development
Business & Financial Services
Tourism, Retail & Leisure
Media & Creative Industries
Research & Development
Infrastructure & Environment
Energy & Economy
Construction, Asset Development & Management
Smart Government
Logistics & Transport
Security & Intl. Affairs
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Security Affairs
Food Security
Foreign Aid & Philanthropy




HE Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi

HE Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi | Minister of State for Government Development and the Future

HE Abdulla bin Touq

HE Abdulla bin Touq | Minister of Economy

HE Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid

HE Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid | Minister of Community Development

HE Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohamed Al Hamed

HE Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohamed Al Hamed | Chairman, Department Of Health - Abu Dhabi

HE Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi

HE Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi | Minister of Culture and Youth

HE Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi

HE Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi | Cabinet Member & Minister Of State For Higher Education & Advanced Skills

HE Saeed Mohmamed Hareb

HE Saeed Mohmamed Hareb | Secretary General, Dubai Sports Council

HE Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak

HE Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak | Chairman Executive Affairs Authority, Group Ceo & Managing Director, Mubadala Investment Company, Chairman Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Board Of Directors

HE Saif Saeed Ghobash

HE Saif Saeed Ghobash | Undersecretary Of The Department Of Culture And Tourism - Abu Dhabi

HE Homaid Abdulla Al Shimmari

HE Homaid Abdulla Al Shimmari | Deputy Group CEO, Chief Corporate & Human Capital Officer of Mubadala

HE Mona Ghanem Al Marri

HE Mona Ghanem Al Marri | Director-General of the Government of Dubai Media Office

HE Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri

HE Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri | Minister of State of Advanced Sciences

HE Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar

HE Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar | Founder & Chairman, Emaar Group

HE Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori

HE Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori | Director General, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - UAE

HE Mattar Al Tayer

HE Mattar Al Tayer | Director General & Chairman Board Of Executive Directors, Roads & Transport Authority – Dubai

HE Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber

HE Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber | Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology

HE Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

HE Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi | Cabinet Member & Minister Of Climate Change & Environment

HE Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi

HE Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi | Commander-In-Chief, Abu Dhabi Police

HE Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Mehairi

HE Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Mehairi | Minister of State for Food and Water Security

HE Reem bint Ebrahim Al Hashimy

HE Reem bint Ebrahim Al Hashimy | Cabinet Member & Minister Of State For International Cooperation

HE Saeed Mohammad Al Eter Al Dhanhani

HE Saeed Mohammad Al Eter Al Dhanhani | Chairman of Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Work

Salwa Fouad Fadhel

Salwa Fouad Fadhel | Acting Manager Strategic Planning & Performance, Abu Dhabi Executive

With a decade developing her specialization within government services and administration, Salwa has worked on developing polices, framing government plans and refining governmental procedures across different sectors in Abu Dhabi most notably Vision 2030, Abu Dhabi Plan and sectorial plans for tourism, media, sciences, technology and innovation. 

"My passion for this specialization hasn't abated at all over the years. If anything, it has increased the more I understood our leadership's mandate in aiming to be a leading model of governance and bettering the lives of all citizens", she says.

She identified continuous learning and self-development as musts in managing competitiveness, advocating for specialization and in-depth knowledge in areas of interest so that one's contribution remains relevant. She draws inspiration from the late Sheikh Zayed who cited that the duty of each national is to the country's growth. Her ambition post-graduation is to be an innovative expert in governance and public administration, effectively contributing to shaping the future in line with national priorities.

Sheikha Hassan Al Khayyat

Sheikha Hassan Al Khayyat | Senior Research Analyst, Strategy & Policy Sector. Prime Minister's Office

Sheikha has dedicated her time at the PMO as a researcher across education and community development, strategy and innovation, as well as healthcare affairs.


When asked why she chose this sector, Sheikha said: “I have always been interested in policies and how they impact people. When you know your work is influencing the public directly, you develop a passion for change and positive impact”.


Upon completing the program, Sheikha aims to become a policy expert and lead the development of groundbreaking policies in the government that affect rising sectors in the UAE, including entrepreneurship, biotechnology and more. She would also like to introduce a new methodology for policy creation, one that depends on the right input from the main stakeholders.

Khalifa Binhendi

Khalifa Binhendi | Research Analyst, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry Of Cabinet Affairs & Future

An empath and a proponent of the greater good, Khalifa affirms that “... the only way to help improve our world is to recognize the most pressing issues, call them what they are, fix them and work towards uplifting others. Philanthropic and community work is an inherent part of me, it’s the way I’ve always looked at life”.

He identifies proactive empathy and compassion as some of the most valuable skills he learned: “I believe it’s a crucial skill because it enables us to be stable, secure and creates a healthy work environment. It also enables better leadership, human connection and higher productivity levels. Such skills empower people to be their best, which in turn leads to powerful and tangible business results”.

Dr. Afra Khalid Saeed Bintouq

Dr. Afra Khalid Saeed Bintouq | 2nd Year Resident, Dubai Health Authority

Published author and a Royal College of Surgeons graduate, Afra is currently in her second year of Family Medicine Residency Program at the Dubai Health Authority.

Afra chose medicine because she believes she gained the great opportunity and privilege to not only make someone feel better, but also be better. She decided to specialize in Family Medicine because she says: “It offers an integrated continuous care for patients regardless of their age and gender.”

She wants to use this program “ a platform to tackle healthcare issues by communicating and working with the different sectors of the economy”. She firmly believes that healthcare concerns everyone and that it is important to work together with all sectors to promote and integrate it into all aspects of development.

Noora Ibrahim Al Mualla

Noora Ibrahim Al Mualla | Curator Of Modern Arab Art Department, Sharjah Art Foundation

Noora is the curator of Modern Arab Art at the Foundation and manages several art centers.

“I believe in the importance of the role of arts and culture in the portrayal and preservation of a region’s identity and history... Specializing in the sector of arts and culture will enable me to build stronger programs in terms of exhibitions and educational services to serve the community better,” she shares.

After completing NEP, Noora aspires to use her newly acquired skills and deeper understanding of the sector to present deeper and more specialized programs to the community. Her goal is to help young budding artists turn their talents and skills into profitable jobs, which she believes requires a mindset shift of arts from being a “hobby” to one that is recognized in the community as a respectable and significant job

Khaled Al Romeithi

Khaled Al Romeithi | Global Partnerships Division Manager, Abu Dhabi Department Of Education & Knowledge

Learning and teaching was always a passion for Khaled who holds multiple degrees and diplomas. “It started way back in elementary school where we would be appointed teacher for a given time and I’ve found myself enjoying explaining and presenting ideas and information to students. Working in the education sector was an accumulation of passion and eagerness to witness the results of the development of the education sector in the Emirate Abu Dhabi beforehand”.

His ambition is to create a fully integrated network of educational specialist transferring their knowledge across the country with the hope that a few years down the line, the UAE educational innovation and practices get international acclaim.

Abeer Mohammed Al Khaja

Abeer Mohammed Al Khaja | Manager Of Media Section, Dubai Sports Council

With advanced certified levels in multi-disciplinary fitness & sports, Abeer is as much an athlete as she is a healthy living advocate. “Having a passion for sports was the best thing that happened to me but without hard work and dedication, without learning from other experts and experiences it wouldn’t have helped me or anyone else... Through sports lifestyles can change for the better.”

Her ambition is to work with experts on programs to develop and grow sports amongst the youth in the UAE as well as studying and researching to identify gaps, and improve the physical education programs and curriculum in schools. She also wants to introduce sports scholarship programs to raise high the national flag.

Mahmoud Adi

Mahmoud Adi | Vice President, Technology, Manufacturing And Mining, Mubadala

MBA graduate of Stanford School of Business, Mahmoud’s career spans 10 years in the sector. He realized early on the power of technology and its impact in shifting traditional economies into knowledge-based ones. His aspiration is to help establish Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a technology hub, which in his opinion is achievable thanks to the support of the nation’s leadership.

He extolls the benefits of specialization to be leveraged as the basis for new development. “Given how fierce the global competition on resources is, specialization is key to remain competitive,” he shares. “A good example is the boom we have seen in the tech sector in China... such as Alibaba, which is driven by leveraging the expertise of Silicon Valley and localizing it to fit the context”.

Joud Al Marar

Joud Al Marar | Senior External Affairs Officer, Louvre Abu Dhabi

With a BA in Political Sciences and French Studies, Joud is becoming a cross-sectoral specialist in Tourism and Culture: “...Both combined are important economic factors for the nation,” she says, adding: “I had the opportunity to develop and implement the action plan for Louvre Abu Dhabi’s regional and international cooperation, which included scientific programs, curatorial collaborations and research. These projects were initiated prior to the opening and we are now working on a global strategy”.

Ultimately, she hopes Abu Dhabi and the UAE can look into an aligned tourism and culture strategy, which would further involve other sectors and activate the economy further.

Yaqoob Al Shamsi

Yaqoob Al Shamsi | Research & Development Engineer, Emirates Technology & Innovation Center

Yaqoob decided to become an aerospace engineer for both personal and patriotic reasons: “On the one hand, I have always been attracted to the processes of design, assembly, and integration. Just think how many different platforms can come together and form other platforms.. On the other, my father, who served in the Air force has always taught me to put my skills in use for only one purpose, that in service of my country”.

Through this program, he hopes to further his knowledge which in turn will allow him to pursue his goal in developing the manufacturing industry in UAE and elevating its standards of quality, research and development, as well as knowledge transfer.

Mariam Bader Al Meraikhi

Mariam Bader Al Meraikhi | Senior Executive Internal Communications, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Armed with a Post-Graduate diploma from Emirates Academy and an MBA in Comms & Media Sciences from Zayed University, Mariam is specializing in the spectrum of communications. She worked for Masdar and TRANSCO and was seconded to ExCeL London before joining ADNEC.

She describes herself as very ambitious and plans on honing her communication competencies, multilingual skills and knowledge in diplomacy to serve the national agenda and do her part in furthering the reputation of the UAE and hopefully be an agent of positive change.

Dr. Asma Mahmoud Fikri

Dr. Asma Mahmoud Fikri | Collaborating Researcher, Rashid Center For Diabetes & Research

With a PhD and a Masters with Distinction in drug discovery from University College of London, Asma is a very active lecturer and avid researcher. She identifies her goal in using her relations, experiences and capabilities in the development of UAE’s scientific and research infrastructure to create highly qualified and creative academic generations with expertise and skills in every possible field that would contribute to national development.

With the future of research in mind, Asma states: “My dream is to establish national bio-technology companies where we conduct our research and introduce our products to world markets. I hope that I will work in the right place so that my scientific research, academic and governmental abilities will be used optimally and that I will be a link between our state and the academic and research institutions around the world”.

Hadif Zamzam

Hadif Zamzam | Senior Associate, Aldar Properties

Hadif is a specialist in real estate asset management and development with a strong record in managing retail, residential, commercial, hospitality and leisure assets. “I believe economies are built on places that allow people to live, work, and play, he says. “The diversification and maturity of the national economy would require major strides to be taken in real estate, at all levels, including the development of suitable legal frameworks as well as developing a proper business ethos between industry leaders”.

His ambition within the sector will be to continue working towards creating world-class real estate destinations that anticipate future demand. “My aim would be two-pronged,” he confirms, “with a focus on advising on potential reforms in the regulatory framework surrounding the industry, while simultaneously providing the market with world-class real estate developments that cater to the future”.

Ahmed Mohamed Ali Almansoori

Ahmed Mohamed Ali Almansoori | Senior System Analyst, Ministry Of Presidential Affairs

On a continuous journey of development and learning, Ahmed attributes the most valuable lesson he learned to HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

“HH Sheikh Mohammed once said that If you do a good deed, the world will say an Emirati did that. If you do a bad deed, they will also say an Emirati did that... so my sons and daughters, the choice is yours. His words always serve as a reminder to stay focused in serving our nation to the best of our abilities and having national pride also means maintaining the highest ethics in my daily functions as I strive to do my best”. Ahmed identifies challenge in achieving what others think is impossible as his motivation to achieve combined with his passion for computing and finding ways to develop better digital government services and benefit from existing data.

He defines specialization as mastering a specific job and expertise as in-depth sectorial knowledge with rapid and efficient problem-solving solutions. He aspires to develop an integrated program and a comprehensive study on how to benefit from both government and private data through analysis and consideration from another perspective."

Mohamed Al Sharhan

Mohamed Al Sharhan | Projects Manager, Dubai Future Foundation

With a Doctorate from the University of Bath in Policy Research & Practice, Mohamed is an IRENA scholar whose interest in the sector began as he was studying civil engineer at AUS and developed further when he joined Masdar Institute of Science & Technology to specialize in sustainable modes of transport.

“There is a race between technology and its regulations which fall short in keeping pace,” shares Mohamed. “After graduating NEP, my ambition is to formulate a national policy to establish regulations for the future to give innovators in our field from all over the world, an attractive working environment fully regulated and formatted for testing and prototyping. This would also strengthen the UAE's reputation as a legislative pioneer.

Khalifa Mohamed Alhemeiri

Khalifa Mohamed Alhemeiri | Rotating Machinery Engineer, Adnoc Offshore

Khalifa is a mechanical engineer who attributes his decision to specialize in the sector to a music box. “When I was 9 years old I was fascinated with how a music box works just by winding it up. I took the device apart and realized that the energy I used in winding the music box was stored in a spring which in turn played the tune. The rest is history”.

His ambition from this program is to gather as much knowledge as possible and understand how energy security is calculated. “I am also interested in learning how strategies regarding energy securities are drawn and what factors affect decision making. By the end of the program, I aspire to gain enough knowledge that will allow me to become a pioneer in this sector”.

Abdulla Mohammed Al Remeithi

Abdulla Mohammed Al Remeithi | Acting Director Police & Regulations Eqs, Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

Abdulla holds a Masters Degree in Project Management from the British University in Dubai and is passionate about environmental legislation and conservation especially in context of the green economy. He aspires to develop innovative processes and legislative policies that will successfully set new benchmarks regionally and internationally.

“It is imperative that we balance consumption and conservation,” he says, “I aim to do my part in helping the UAE achieve the highest standards in environmental quality and lead the international ranking reports in all environmental aspects and serve as an example in the world”.

Mohammed Al Qassimi

Mohammed Al Qassimi | Specialist, Signals Intelligence Agency

A security specialist, Mohammed holds a Masters degree in public policy. “I was generally interested in national security policy, but the mandate of the National Electronic Security Authority in 2014 and its focus on the niche aspect of cybersecurity, in addition to the dynamism of the field, led me to commit to a challenge I could help address”.

He believes specialization is critical in light of the complexity and frequency of changes happening in the field of cybersecurity. “...This requires a depth of knowledge for effective decision-making, otherwise current concepts of operations may easily be outdated and surpassed,” he says. He hopes to develop his skills as a cyber-security specialist and develop his sector in context of other fields such technological developments, education and foreign affairs.

Nour Matar Almehairi

Nour Matar Almehairi | Bariatric Clinical Dietician, Healthpoint Hospital Mubadala

Nour holds a BSc in dietetics from the UAE University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in management from the UK’s University of Liverpool. She has completed numerous courses for professional credits at the UAE University and serves as supervising nutritionist at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. She has always believed that human health, diet and exercise are connected. “Being in a family with the medical background (I have two sisters who are doctors)... I wanted to know more about what I believed and wanted to stay in the field and find a more holistic approach to prevent and control diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and that approach can only be achieved through diet and food”.

She believes a support system is critical to helping people challenged with health and weight issues “...and I can proudly say that my patients see me as their support system. I learned to listen, to understand where they come from and most importantly, I learned to believe in them because that will make them believe they can and will achieve their desired goal, once reached, that’s where I see my success”.

Aisha Saeed Harib

Aisha Saeed Harib | Head Of CSR, Community Development Authority - Dubai

A graduate from Berkeley in Executive Education, Aisha moved into CSR after completing her military service. She created a CSR practices software for the Dubai government and serves as CSR specialist in several organizations.

On choosing this sector, Aisha said: “Social responsibility, philanthropy and sustainability are my passion and I have spent the last 8 years developing my experience in this field both internationally and locally.”

Aisha aspires to become a professor able to share and empower others with her knowledge. She believes the top skills she acquired so far are resilience, a continuous thirst for knowledge in addition to priority management and strategic planning.

Khalifa Mohamed Al Suwaidi

Khalifa Mohamed Al Suwaidi | Senior Specialist Media & Content, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Khalifa joined the diplomatic sector to merge his interests in politics and communications. “This enables me to see politics from both diplomatic and media lenses, I also love to explore new relations, build networks and learn more about different countries and cultures, which will certainly develop as I gain experience,” he conveys.

In the future, he would like to develop and create new systems and processes for the diplomatic corps that would not only yield positive external results but also engage staff members and drive them to innovate and amplify collaborative efforts.


Participants graduated from the NEP pilot with 21 sectoral capstones.

These graduation projects are closely tied to national priorities, focusing on the UAE Centennial vision 2071. 

Social Development
Economic Development



Applications for the 3rd edition of NEP will be launched soon. Stay tuned!