National Experts Program | NEP

NEP 3.0

The National Experts Program emphasizes the role that UAE-based specialists will play in the country’s continued growth. The program is designed to develop a network of experts equipped with the expertise and leadership skills needed to transform sectors aligned with the UAE’s national priorities. The three clusters and 15 sectors of NEP 3.0 are key to the UAE’s centennial strategy and to the prosperity of the nation.

Economic Growth

The Economic Growth cluster includes sectors that contribute to ensuring a resilient and future-proof economy that is knowledge-based, diversified, and human-centered.

Economic Development
Advanced Sciences and Research
Technology and Innovation
Media and the Creative Industries
Tourism, Retail and Lifestyle
Social Development

The Social Development cluster includes sectors that act as pillars of a thriving, healthy community, positioning the UAE as a secure, tolerant, and cohesive society, and expanding opportunities for all in the country.

Culture and Heritage
Health and Well-Being
Community Development and Social Services
Policy and Government Services
Sustainability and Infrastructure

The Sustainability and Infrastructure cluster includes sectors that shape the infrastructure agendas, policies, and solutions required to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment.

Environment and Climate Change
Mobility and Logistics
Energy and Renewables
Food and Water Security