National Experts Program | Karim Al-Abbas

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Karim Al-Abbas

Director, Enlighten Education


Karim Al-Abbas set up Enlighten in 2011 to challenge the way critical thinking skills were taught in the education sector. Since then, he has been working with schools, universities, and companies to help students and clients think more quickly and learn more fluidly. While current learning practices are primarily centered around fact retention, Enlighten has worked to show schools that it is far more effective for students to focus on how they work, rather than what they know.

From creativity to verbal communication to speed reading, Enlighten’s research is founded on trying to understand how we think and learn as humans, rather than as institutionalized workers. Enlighten is now a world leader in contextualizing these ideas and delivering them to support better learning. The organization works with more than 100 schools in the UK, and dozens of universities and companies worldwide, including the National Bank of Kuwait and the EU’s European Parliament.