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Gustavo Razzetti

CEO & Founder, Fearless Culture


Gustavo Razzetti is a speaker, culture consultant, and author of four books. He created Fearless Culture to help organizations become purpose-driven, agile, and innovative. Razzetti is also the creator of the Culture Design Canvas, a culture mapping tool used by consultants, coaches, and organizations worldwide.

After 25 years of helping companies build purpose-driven brands and teams, Razzetti realized that most organizations don’t lack ideas, resources or talent, but a conducive culture. 

Razzetti has built a career at the intersection of marketing, innovation, and leadership. His work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, Forbes, BBC, and many other publications. Throughout his career, he has advised companies in multiple business sectors, including GM, Continental, Coca-Cola, Mars, and Comcast.