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Dr. Mohammad Yaqub

Assistant Professor of Computer Vision, MBZUAI


Dr. Mohammad Yaqub is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Vision department at MBZUAI. He is also an honorary research fellow at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN), University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Prior to joining MBZUAI, Dr Yaqub spent more than 12 years in the University of Oxford where he received his DPhil (PhD) in Biomedical Engineering then worked as a research fellow.

Dr Yaqub was also the Vice President of Engineering (2016 - 2020) at Intelligent Ultrasound limited where he led a team to build AI-based medical device products. Dr Yaqub has taken his research ideas from its early days at the University of Oxford all the way to the integration of a medical product (ScanNav, later rebranded as SonoLyst)  into  the  ultrasound  machines  of  the  world-leading  ultrasound manufacturer; General Electric (GE) Healthcare, Austria.