National Experts Program | About the alumni

About the alumni

About NEP Alumni

The National Experts Program (NEP) is a launchpad for Emirati experts who strive to play a leading role in the transformation of future-growth sectors aligned with the UAE’s national priorities. All NEP graduates automatically become members of the NEP Alumni community and are provided opportunities to network with UAE leaders, continue to grow in their sectors and develop leadership skills.  

A Personal Commitment to Lifelong Learning

The NEP Alumni share a belief in continuous professional growth to drive forward the policies and actions that will benefit the UAE. Outstanding experts are shaped over years of steadily pursuing excellence, and the NEP Alumni community serves that purpose by enabling members to continue their learning journeys while forming a high-achieving talent pool for the benefit of the nation.  


The NEP Alumni are supported by a team that facilitates opportunities for meaningful professional impact. Resources include access to invitation-only events, an online database of publications, masterclasses and presentations, a quarterly newsletter and experiences through the NEP coursework.  

Knowledge Ecosystems

The NEP helps Alumni build strong and collaborative relationships with leaders in their sectors and with senior government officials. Through these networks, Alumni become influential nodes in their sector’s knowledge ecosystem and more able to adjust quickly to global and local contexts. Members stay connected through meet-ups, online discussion boards, and an ever-expanding community of engaged Alumni and influential stakeholders that share a common vision for the UAE.

NEP Fellows: Visionary Change-Makers

Outstanding Alumni are invited to become NEP Fellows, reinforcing their commitment and accessing exclusive opportunities for real-world experience and dynamic engagements in organizations in their sectors of expertise. Fellows combine the foresight and pioneering spirit of the UAE leadership with the personal drive to propel the nation forward. They are actively encouraged to play an advisory role in national development programs, based on their sector-specific expertise and a deep understanding of the UAE’s aims and needs.